Agnes activated carbon factory -- how to identify the real activated carbon?

Agnes activated carbon factory -- how to identify the real activated carbon?
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Nowadays, many people like to use air to purify the activated carbon to remove the formaldehyde in the home, or the air pollution in the new car. However, a risk monitoring result of jiangsu quality supervision department shows that half of the samples of activated carbon are not activated carbon.

The 65 batches of samples were not activated carbon.

In the investigation, the reporter learned that online shop is the way that consumers buy activated carbon. Most consumers say that once activated carbon is used, it is basically not replaced for years, always placed. Consumer to buy more environmental protection, adsorption effect better activated charcoal, often will listen to the propaganda of the merchant, choose some "bamboo charcoal" product.

In order to understand sold in activated carbon for more information on the market at present, a number of well-known reporter login online shopping platform to investigate, input "activated carbon" keyword, found more than 200000 kinds of products, brand more than 30, the unit price is range from seven or eight yuan to 50 yuan, some of the more popular activated carbon, sold more than 40000 pieces.

So, the current market of various activated carbon products, their purification capacity? In recent days, the quality supervision department of jiangsu province has focused on the risk monitoring of 65 batches of "air purification activated carbon" products, including online shops and physical stores.

Jiangsu province quality inspection institute liyang center assistant engineer Wang Dingchun introduction, each batch product sampling quantity is about one kilogram or so, online shopping platform to buy samples of 45 batches, basic covers many famous electric big part of the brand and product sell like hot cakes, entity, 5 batches. All the samples are from Beijing, jiangsu, guangdong, fujian, hebei, shandong, Shanghai, etc. The production enterprises have drawn 15 batches of samples, all from enterprises in jiangsu province.

After test, inspectors found 65 batches of samples, there are 31 batches of iodine adsorption value is less than 400 mg/g, that is to say, do not belong to the category of activated carbon, the 31 batches sample is simply the carbide materials, including all the bamboo charcoal samples 12 batches.

Adsorption saturates or causes secondary pollution.

The adsorption effect of formaldehyde is an important index of air purification activated carbon. In many online stores, almost all merchants claim that the activated carbon can effectively remove toxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, and the removal rate is up to 98% and 99% in 24 hours. The quality supervision department of jiangsu province this risk monitoring, the focus from the online shop to buy a number of such hot products, so their formaldehyde removal rate is as effective as the businessman propaganda?

Testing staff told reporters that in 65 batch samples, there are three batches of samples to formaldehyde removal rate reached 70%, that is to say the three products can lower the initial concentration of formaldehyde, up to 0.08 mg per cubic meter of the general requirements of limited value. In addition, the formaldehyde adsorption rate of 35 product batches reached 50% to 70%. These samples have a certain adsorption effect on formaldehyde, but they cannot meet the national standard requirements. There are also 30 samples, whose adsorption rate is below 50%, which can be considered as poor adsorption effect.

The analysis of the detection personnel, 65 batches of samples adsorbed formaldehyde ability difference obvious reasons mainly have two: one is the raw material does not meet the requirement, the second is some production enterprises to cut the material. Jiangsu risk monitoring results show that nearly half of the sample is not the true sense of the activated carbon, all bamboo charcoal products are not activated carbon, and the adsorption capacity of activated carbon products after saturated, may well become a source of secondary pollution.

4 distinguish real activated charcoal.

Jiangsu province quality inspection institute assistant engineer liu liyang center Pi said, activated carbon is a kind of pore developed, adsorption ability of functional carbon materials, raw materials, generally speaking, there are coal, wood, shells, oil residue and so on, these raw material through carbonization and again after 800 to 1500 degrees of high temperature activation treatment, form developed in the pores and holes, adsorption capacity will reach the requirement.

A look at

See packaging --

See if the package is vacuum-packed.

The activated carbon purchased by consumers is to purify the air, which is more demanding than the activated carbon used in general liquid phase adsorption. Therefore, the packaging of activated carbon should be vacuum sealed. Ordinary packaging does not seal, from the production to the consumer has lost most of the purification efficiency.

The bubbles --

See if the bubbles are dense and the water is clear.

The high quality activated carbon will produce a lot of tiny bubbles when it is poured into the water. It can pull a small bubble line in the water and make a hissing sound. The longer the phenomenon lasts and the clearer the water, the better the charcoal.

The smell

Smell --

Smell the charcoal in the water.

Do air purification with as much high quality activated carbon with fruit shell charcoal, especially the import of coconut shell activated carbon, pour the water out bubbles have no taste, and coal activated carbon has obvious coal ash, industrial recycling or waste carbon after pour into the water will have all kinds of peculiar smell, such as the sludge odor and smell, the charcoal not only, the effect was less than purify air, also can cause secondary pollution of indoor.

Three touch

Touch it with your hands -- it won't get rid of the ashes.

The first production of activated carbon is relatively high, especially coconut shell charcoal, which only adsorbs some ash on the surface at most, and does not dirty hands after grasping a handful with the hand. The relatively poor activated carbon, especially the recycled carbon hardness of the industry, is greatly reduced, and the friction of each other can produce a large amount of fine dust, and it is easy to get dirty hands. In particular, it is easy to turn into powder by twirling carbon particles with fingers and recovering carbon from charcoal.

Four test

Ph measurement --

The result is neutral and safe.

Test with PH test -- the first activated carbon PH should be neutral alkalinity, which is about 7-8, which is similar to the PH value of human blood and is harmless to human body. And inferior activated charcoal, especially the recycling of activated carbon used in industry, because is affected by industrial production process, its ph value is mostly present obvious acid (less than 6) or alkaline (more than 9).

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