The fire mask USES coconut shell activated carbon.

The fire mask USES coconut shell activated carbon.
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Using coconut shell activated carbon, the fire-proof mask is made from high-quality coconut shell imported from Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, and is processed by rotary high temperature activated furnace. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, large surface area, fast adsorption capacity, high adsorption capacity, easy regeneration and durability.


1. In the process of transportation, activated carbon is prevented from mixing with hard materials, so as to prevent the crushing of carbon particles and affect the quality.

2. The storage should be stored in the multi-pass adsorbent, so in the process of transportation and storage and use, it is absolutely necessary to prevent the flooding. After the water is immersed, a large amount of water is filled with the active gap, which makes it lose its function.

3. The tar substances should be prevented from being brought into the activated carbon bed during the use of the tar substances, so as to avoid blocking the pores of the activated carbon, thus depriving them of the adsorption effect. It is better to clean the gas with defocusing equipment.

4, fire activated carbon during storage or transportation, avoid direct contact with fire, in case of fire, into the oxygen and regeneration completely avoid when activated carbon regeneration, regeneration after have to use steam cooling down to under 80 ℃, otherwise the temperature is high, meet oxygen, activated carbon combustion.

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