Activated carbon filter to strengthen water quality and optimize water environme

Activated carbon filter to strengthen water quality and optimize water environme
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With the development of social economy and urbanization, water resource shortage and water environment pollution have become the global problems of this century and become more and more serious. It is even thought that the problem of water is probably the most important problem in the 21st century world. Therefore, water must be taken seriously. It is an important way to master and rationally utilize existing water treatment technology and study new water treatment technology to solve water pollution and rational utilization of water resources.

Activated carbon filter materials in water treatment industry should be enjoy to be familiar with the water purification products, since the advent of the last century, the application fields of activated carbon filter, with the deepening of the research on its people and expanding, constantly increasing application number. Wide range of USES, across multiple industries, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, water treatment, environmental protection, chemical, defense, agriculture, industrial and agricultural production is the indispensable important industrial products and is widely applied in People's Daily life. Activated carbon filter material is carbon materials such as coal, wood and fruit shell as raw material, through physical or chemical methods, by making the carbonization, activation, washing and so on a series of processes, and internally developed pore structure, large specific surface area, strong adsorption ability of micro crystalline carbon materials. With highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area, the matter has very strong adsorption capacity, and its raw materials, high safety performance, acid and alkali, heat resistant, insoluble in water and organic solvents and take appropriate measures can be recycled, is a very good traditional adsorbent, the city plays a very important role in wastewater treatment.

Activated carbon filter is usually divided into water purification and sewage treatment in water treatment. Activated carbon filter material has been used increasingly in water purification, this is because on the one hand, activated carbon has good adsorption properties, organic matter in water benzene compounds, phenolic compounds in water, oil and oil products, many synthetic detergent, synthetic dyes and organic matter, such as strong adsorption ability, such as the COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand), TOC (total organic carbon) of comprehensive indexes such as organic matter removal rate was 70% ~ 90% commonly; On the other hand, activated carbon treatment of tap water will not cause loss of Ca and Mg. The deep purification treatment of industrial sewage. Such as printing and dyeing wastewater tertiary decoloring, electroplating waste water of heavy metal ions removal, the purification of wastewater treatment in pulp and papermaking industry, the petrochemical industry wastewater COD removal with national standards, such as activated carbon filter material was proved to be one of the most effective deep purification materials. Deep purification of domestic sewage. Due to the disorder of urban domestic sewage discharge, the BOD, COD, VOC, TOC, NH3 - N, NO3 - - N, P, heavy metal pollutants such as surface drinking water sources pollution is increasingly serious, major rivers and lakes water quality deterioration of the situation in our country has been very serious, in order to alleviate the water crisis, all the major cities in the sewage treatment plant will be the depth of the sewage purification project listed in schedule, and activated carbon adsorption method is one of the optional deep purification technology at present.

For the development of the economy, the water pollution, the application of activated carbon filter material in the practical development, large, medium and small water treatment equipment can be applied, ensure the effluent is fully up to standard, to say the activated carbon filter materials in water treatment technology is a green technology of very heavy. Moreover, activated carbon filter can improve the water environment quality and sewage treatment level, and optimize the ecological environment.

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