Activated carbon is misleading in the market.

Activated carbon is misleading in the market.
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Since the 21st century, people come to live in their homes have environmental protection consciousness, the household, the car pollution seriously rise gradually, also more and more people know activated carbon can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene substances and other harmful substances, and does not produce secondary pollution. But there are a lot of consumers because of activated carbon is not enough to understand, so often be cheated by advertising in the virtual word, now we are for the general consumers to uncover hidden cheat in some advertising.

One: nano-activated carbon deformaldehyde.

One hundred centimeters is equal to one meter, but how many nanometers do you know equal to one meter? The answer is one billion. Nanotechnology is the cutting edge of research on a scale from 0.1 to 100 nanometers. Therefore, he is a "super fiber", and then nano-activated carbon is a one-dimensional quantum material with unique structure. It is 100 times stronger than steel, but only a sixth of the density of steel, and 50, 000 is the width of a human hair. It is widely used in engineering, and in energy science, carbon nanotubes can store large amounts of hydrogen in lower pressure. Nano activated carbon as the research in the field of new science, the difficulty with input is large, the world of the development of carbon industry giant also just is in progress, and in the development of our country is in behind. So the active carbon manufacturers say that it is impossible to remove the formaldehyde from nano-activated carbon, which is simply boasting.

Two: carry the silver activated carbon to formaldehyde, eliminate pollution.

Activated carbon is loading silver ions in silver, as the name implies, activated carbon, the key depends on the quality of the activated carbon, activated carbon of the aperture size should be consistent and silver ions, or heavy metal free gum will cause great harm to human body, serious word will be disabled. Some of the dealers in activated carbon have no name, no ability, no technology, no basic chemical equation.

3: highly efficient catalytic activated carbon decoration to treat pollution.

To put it bluntly, this is all about consumers. Catalyst activated carbon in the vinylon industry has to use activated carbon as a carrier to inhale zinc acetate into the carbon, and then through a series of chemical reactions. The carbon particle size requirement is very strict, the shell companies boast efficient catalytic activated carbon particle size is outside the scope of requirements, differ is wrongly, so is not at all what catalytic activated carbon, let alone what load material.

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