Honeycomb activated carbon makes our lives healthier.

Honeycomb activated carbon makes our lives healthier.
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As environmental pollution intensifies, water is polluted to a different degree every day. In addition, different environments make the water content different. The "peculiar smell" of water, especially drinking water, has become a source of trouble for residents in many areas. The honeycomb activated carbon factory will deal with this problem for us.

There are several reasons why sewage smells bad.

1. The water with high iron content is not only rust, but also some bacillus oxidized Fe++.

2. Water with high content of organic matter, simple erosion, reproduction mold, and stale taste.

3. Phosphorous overruns of water, simple algae, algae smell.

4. H2S stink can occur in water with sulfides.

Because of the high content of mud, the smell of the Yellow River will smell.

No matter what substances in the water, what smells, honeycomb activated carbon this powerful adsorbent can handle this difficult problem for us. Honeycomb activated carbon is a kind of porous carbon material, which is made of excellent coal or shell as material, which is made by processing, forming, carbonization and activation. It has certain mechanical strength, large specific surface area and strong adsorption function. It can absorb molecules of gas. The adsorption of honeycomb activated carbon is one of the effective ways to remove trace organics in drinking water, and it is very obvious to remove the color, smell and taste of water. Over the years, it has been found that potassium permanganate and honeycomb activated carbon can completely remove odors from water.

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