Congratulations to jiangsu Agnes environmental science and technology co., LTD.

Congratulations to jiangsu Agnes environmental science and technology co., LTD.
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Jiangsu Agnes environmental science and technology co., LTD. Is located in liyang city, which has a long history. It is a modern start-up company specialized in producing various kinds of activated carbon and environmental protection products. The company has a large number of middle and high technology personnel, equipped with more than ten (sets) of advanced and suitable for different process of activation furnace and post-processing production equipment. Production mainly choose wood, charcoal, bamboo, shells, coal and other materials as raw materials, with advanced production equipment, advanced technology and advanced professional testing standards, in strict accordance with international, national, industry and enterprise standard quality standards, control production of more than 50 kinds of series, superior, special products, powder, granular activated carbon were prepared, many varieties, complete specifications, stable quality, excellent service is a production enterprise. At the same time company with a huge sum of money to introduce the United States, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions in the ninety s advanced level of production technology and equipment, production of senior experts and senior management experts, set up perfect accord with the ISO9002-94 "quality system - production and installation of quality assurance model", the standard of quality system, in strict accordance with the API5L, ASTMA500, ASTMA513, ISO559, JIS G3466, GB3092 and GB/TT3739 standard production all kinds of indexes such as activated carbon. Apart from export, the product has the domestic market demand.

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Dedicated to the production, development and sales of activated carbon.

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