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Jiangsu Agnes environmental science and technology co., LTD. Is located in liyang city, which has a long history. It is a modern start-up company specialized in producing various kinds of activated carbon and environmental protection products. The company has a large number of middle and high technology personnel, equipped with many advanced and suitable for different process of activation furnace and post-processing production equipment. Production mainly choose wood, charcoal, bamboo, shells, coal and other materials as raw materials, with advanced production equipment, advanced technology and advanced testing level, in strict accordance with the quality standard of the enterprise. We have produced more than 50 kinds of "carbon family music" series of excellent activated carbon products, the products of our company, varieties, specifications, quality, stability and service. My company production of activated carbon products are larger than the surface, the gap is developed, has a dual characteristic of physical and chemical adsorption can choose small molecules in gas phase, liquid phase adsorption to the macromolecular and all kinds of material, the production of activated carbon of high mechanical strength, high voltage, high temperature resistant, not broken, long service life and can be recycled, as a kind of adsorption and catalyst carrier, is widely used in drinking water, air purification, solvent recovery, food, medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power and so on all walks of life. In line with the principle of "quality first, credit first", the company provides excellent service to domestic and foreign customers. With the talent, information, quality and efficiency to meet the rapid development needs of the steel tube industry.


        Agnes spirit:Unity, innovation, integrity and dedication.
Agnes talent strategy:Ability oriented, quantity is used

    Agnes values:Respect, mutual trust, cooperation and sharing

        Agnes missionKeep pace with The Times, continue to develop and serve the society.

Agnes strategic goal:The construction innovation ability first-class, the technical equipment first-class, the staff quality first class, the economic benefit first-class active carbon manufacturing enterprise, the diversification management, the specialized development.


Our company always adhere to the principle of "quality first, user first, credit first". Loyal service to the general customers...



    ENTERPRISE CONCEPT:“The same product is better than the quality, the same quality than the price, the same price of service, the same service than the reputation.
    Service miho:Ensure quality, time and quantity guaranteed.
    Service tenet:Strong strength, high quality products, low price, high quality service.
    Management principle:The customer is supreme, the quality is good, the variety is complete, the price is reasonable.

  • Dedicated to the production, development and sales of activated carbon.

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